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Audio Tempest DJ Services would like to help you in any way possible. Because of this we would be more than willing to handle any announcements during your special day. Some of our suggestions are listed below. Please feel free to add any additional announcements that you can think of. Also, please feel free to let us know what music you would like to hear during your formality announcements.
Bride's Name:
Groom's Name:
Email Address:
Would you like us to annouce the Bridal Party? Yes No
Announce Bride and Groom as:
Toast by Best Man? Yes No
        Best Man's Name:
Toast by Maid of Honor? Yes No
        Maid of Honor's Name:
Cutting of the Cakes? Yes No
       Name of Song & Artist:
First Dance? Yes No
       Name of Song & Artist:
Father/Daughter Dance ? Yes No
       Name of Song & Artist:
Mother/Son Dance? Yes No
       Name of Song & Artist:
Bouquet Toss? Yes No
       Name of Song & Artist:
Garter Toss? Yes No
       Name of Song & Artist:
Dollar Dance? Yes No
      Name of Song & Artist:
Other Songs/Dances? Yes No
      Name of Song & Artist:
Will Champagne be served to all the guests? Yes No
Would you like the DJ to take requests from the guests? Yes No
Type of Event? Wedding
Dinner Music: Yes No
        (If yes, what type?) Jazz
Easy Listening
Big Band
Slow Love Songs
Style of Event: Formal
Number of Guests Expected:
Approximate average age group: 5-20
50 and up
What Personality would you like the DJ to have? Silent
Announce Events
How much Interaction Would You Like the DJ to Have? No Guest Interaction
Some Interaction
Much Interaction
What attire would be appropriate for your event? Formal
Please describe your ideal DJ:
Will food be provided for the DJ? Yes No
Person in Charge?
How Did you Hear About our Business?
Would you like to make any Special Dedications? Yes No
          (If yes, please describe)

Audio Tempest Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 682
Grand Lake, CO 80447

PH (303) 981-3059

FAX (970) 627-5098



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